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Quick Links to TKO Sites

Avionte - TKO's Employee Management System - This is for Applications and Employee Paperwork


Xenqu - This is TKO's Onboarding System - This is for some new hire paperwork


Paylocity - This is TKO's Payroll Provider - This is for seeing pay stubs and changing tax withholdings


To set up your Paylocity Account, you must wait until you have started your first job assignment.  Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the link

  2. Select Register New User

  3. Select I do not Have a Registration Code

  4. Use Company ID 146340

  5. Enter Your Information

  6. You can download the Paylocity App to view paystubs, however, you will need to edit tax withholdings and direct deposit information using a web browser, not the app

Step 2

Step 3

Steps 4 & 5

Accessing Xenqu and Employment Documents

  • Go to

  • Enter the username and password provided to you.

  • Accept the disclosure for electronic signatures.

  • ​All of the forms that you must complete for your TKO assignment will be shown on the left-hand side.  Select the green Next button to move forward.

  • Once you have finished the document, it moves from the Open Tab to the Closed Tab.  Press the green Close button to proceed.

  • Confirm your email and cell phone number and press the Apply button to move forward.

  • Follow the directions to create a signature to store in Xenqu.

  • You can draw or type your signature.  Press the green Store button to save it.

  • Select the first document on the left-hand side.  DO NOT PUSH COMPLETE until you are completely done with the document.

  • Enter any information required.

  • The boxes in green are ones that have been completed or pre-populated.  Anything highlighted in Blue does not need to be completed, and anything in Red must be completed before moving on.

  • When all of the red disappears from the document, you can press the big Green Complete Item and Continue button.

  • Select the next document.  Then the next.  Then the next.

  • When you need to select I9 Supporting Documents, choose the type of document you are going to upload.

    • The most common items are:

      • Driver’s License

      • List B – State ID Card

      • Certification of Birth

      • Social Security Card

      • US Passport

      • Receipt for List B (Picture ID)

      • Receipt for List C (Social Security Card or Birth Certificate)

  • To select the option, press the + icon next to the name.

  • Choose the blue + button to add a picture of the Front and Back of each document.

    • Try to take a picture while on a flat surface and a solid color background.

  • Wait for the photo to completely upload before selecting the next button.  You should be able to see the picture when you are ready to move forward for the back.

  • Next, on the I9 Authorized Representative document, select someone who can physically look at your ID to confirm that it is you.  Enter their information into the document.  You will need their First and Last Name, phone number and email address, and a description of who they are to move forward.

  • Now TKO will approve your friend/representative, and then they will get an email to login to Xenqu and verify who you are and enter your ID information.

I9 Authorized Reviewer



  • Select the document “Authorized Representative Acceptance Form” and choose the red box that says “YES, I will review the worker’s ID’s….”

  • Select the Red box “Click to Sign” to add your signature.

  • Next, select the I9 Form and proceed to page 2.

  • In the first Red box, select if the employee is going to provide a List A or List B document.

  • List B includes a photo ID and then a birth certificate or social security card.

  • List A is usually a Passport or Resident Alien card.

  • Once the document information has been entered, put in the date and then add the information to sign the document,

  • Hit the large Green “Complete Item and Continue Button” and you are now finished.

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