Frequent turnover is an expense few employers can afford. The cost of high turnover is especially jagged when it slows or even halts production at an industrial plant or manufacturing facility. It’s up to supervisors and business owners to keep light industrial workers engaged with the company, and motivated to give superior performances in their jobs. This kind of job satisfaction will help them deepen their connection to your company and your brand. Loyalty builds dedicated hard workers, reduces turnover and boosts productivity.


When loyalty starts to dwindle, both permanent and temporary laborers feel the weight. They start to complain more, slack more and produce less. This creates a workforce environment ripe for unease and high turnover. Remember, when your employees are loyal, they are your best advocates and advertisers. All it takes is five easy steps to create a loyal industrial worker.


Appreciate Your Workers

If your employees feel underappreciated or undervalued, they won’t see their jobs as important. If they don’t think you value their work, they won’t value their work. By recognizing their achievements in a casual recognition program, your employees’ motivation will skyrocket. They will view the company’s success as parallel to their own. This can fuel even your temporary and contract workers’ drive for success, so they will put in extra effort when they know they’ll be recognized for a job well done.


Commit to Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is exactly what it sounds like – a balance between work and life. Industrial work can be physically taxing, so giving your workers balance will lower stress and encourage them to work harder as a team. By communicating honestly with your workers and emphasizing that you care about the work-life balance, you can show that you value not just the position, but also the employee.


Provide Support

If you’re short-staffed, employees can feel overwhelmed and stressed out, causing accidents, quitting without notice or forgetting essential steps in a task. Partnering with a staffing agency can bring in temporary workers to help lighten the load. This shows that you are focused on quality, not quantity. If your industrial workers feel supported, especially during high-traffic seasons, they will work as hard for you as they believe you work for them.


Listen to their needs

Companies who treat their employees as valuable assets tend to significantly reduce turnover and develop stronger loyalty. If your assembly-line workers face challenges about keeping up with quotas or physical demands, listen to their concerns can address one or two. Compromise. Give of your time. When you take their needs into consideration, they know they can’t get that type of attention from another employer.


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