Every supervisor or team lead knows that each individual employee can impact the overall function and workflow in any industrial work environment. One slow or ineffective worker can slow the whole system down. That’s why it’s important to make sure you hire the right employee the first time. Since welders are often the ones who connect all the parts (literally and figuratively), their skills are especially important.


The role of a welder has evolved over time. They need to harness a mix of technological skills, safety training, dexterity and knowledge of metallurgy.  A good welder will boost your workplace productivity and keep your projects moving forward so both permanent employees and temporary workers stay on time and on task. If your manufacturing facility is in need of a stellar welder, here are the top four qualities you should be looking for.



Whether reading blueprints or wielding a tight line, a great welder devotes their full attention to the task at hand. Often, this requires a steady mind and a steady hand for long periods of time. A reliable welder with strong concentration skills can keep safety standards in check, even while working on a tight deadline. Concentration doesn’t just result in a superior product, but also in superior protection of themselves, others and the equipment.


Detail Orientated

A top-tier welder has to be detail oriented so they don’t overlook anything that could have larger repercussions down the road. If a part doesn’t fit quite right or the wrong tool is used, the outcomes could have a disastrous ripple effect. A great welder needs sharp vision to be able to see intricate details in a limited-sight environment.


Knowledge of tools and techniques

You want a welder experienced with a variety of welding tools and techniques. Most importantly, you want them to be able to effectively use these skills. Welding is often done quickly, so a solid understanding of the proper tools and most effective techniques will keep production moving in a safe manner. In addition, a great welder has a thorough knowledge of different techniques, such as metal art, oxy-fuel, flux core arc, and gas tungsten arc welding.


Safety first

One of the most important qualities for a welder is safety. Strong welding candidates understand and apply safety standards every day. They are safety leaders among peers and keep up-to-date on the policies and protocols specific to your company. Considering the high caution types of equipment they work with, they must know how to react to a situation quickly and think on their feet.


Top welding candidates should also have important soft skills that create smooth workflow and a harmonious work environment. Being able to multitask and support others, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively on a team are all vital soft skills that good welders bring to the table.


At TKO Construction Services, we understand the high value of a good industrial employee, especially welders. We have placed high quality talent in both temporary settings and permanent positions. Whether you’re looking for a new hire or someone to take the reigns for a contract job, we can help you find the best welding candidates, contact us today!

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